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Josh Ogden of Castaway Golf Technologies explains the company name change as opening more doors than it closes.

“Yes, the consumer uses our product but we've got to get it to our customer first. Which is pro shops, retail stores.”

The rather ingenious concept behind the company is retrieving golf balls that would normally simply be considered lost, then selling them. These balls are often in ponds or in the treeline.

“Average, every round, I think three balls are lost,” Says Ogden. “We get them from the water, the woods, then we turn around and clean them, sort them, sell them.”

The concept is proving fruitful, as the company has already signed a deal with the Giant Tiger chain and three other retail chains.

Using the various methods, one designed by Ogden's business partners, Matt and Kevin Vance, they retrieve approximately 10,000 golf balls per course.

While Ogden works out of Fredericton with one of his partners and Truro respectively. Ogden identifies himself in the role of business development.

“Matt and Kevin created the idea and the original this prototype. Matt then worked on it in class, the last step of which was to create a business, and he just approached me,” Says Ogden on the origins of the company. “It's Matt and me working on the business and we’ve got three other full-time employees and three summer students.”

Castaway Golf Technologies benefits from a lot of assistance throughout Fredericton, Ignite being one of their supporters.

“There's a difference between dumb money and smart money. Dumb money is just money given to you, 'here, go figure out your business'. It's great but as you get into it you realize, I'm going to need some guidance. We all need help, we're here because of the support we get from the entrepreneurial community. Smart money is given with guidance, they help you out.”

Ogden is grateful to be a part of the Fredericton community.

“Everyone is so supportive. Anyone can do this, if you're willing to work.”

About Castaway Golf Technologies

Incorporated in May 2014, Castaway Golf has set the new professional standard in the golf ball retrieval industry by providing transparent and flexible services to golf courses internationally. They are meeting this new standard by being at the forefront of retrieval innovation, while offering a product that is unparalleled in quality and consistency. Castaway golf will exceed customer expectations by continuing to develop and utilize cutting edge technology in the retrieval, cleaning, and sorting of experienced golf balls. Find out more at