Pat Whalen


Pat Whalen – President & CEO of LuminUltra

Pat Whalen is committed to changing the way that people think about bacteria and other microorganisms.  With nearly 20 years of experience in the fields of environmental engineering, biotechnology, and information technology, Pat leads LuminUltra Technologies, a global leader in the monitoring and control of water microbiology.

Starting in 1995, Pat was part of a group of 3 that started working on a new type of testing protocol that offered the potential to shorten the time to get microbiology results in water samples from days to mere minutes.  After 8 years of research and development, LuminUltra was formed as the commercial vehicle to bring this technology to market.

Today, LuminUltra sells its product to over 65 countries and on every continent except for Antarctica, and has grown from the 3 founders to 30 staff all housed in Fredericton.  The vast majority of its customers are Fortune 500-level companies and some of the larger cities in the world.  LuminUltra reaches its customers through a network of 30+ resellers scattered across the globe.

After experiencing a rapid expansion over the past few years, one would think that the LuminUltra team is ready to ‘coast’ into the future – but this isn’t what they or Pat are all about.  Moving forward, LuminUltra plans to initiate a new global marketing strategy to expand its exposure, new mobile data collection, interpretation and reporting software, and to launch a fully-automated version of its testing solution.

As a member of the board of directors for BioNB, Pat is keenly aware of the potential for the Biotechnology sector to explode in the coming years, with much of the growth already happening in the Capital region.  Both he and LuminUltra are committed to making that happen both locally and globally.