Peter Goggin

Resson Aerospace

Peter Goggin - Founder & CEO of Resson Aerospace

Peter Goggin is passionate for new adventures and opportunities with his most recent adventure being  CEO at Resson Aerospace. “There is a lot of energy around a start-up and in developing new business opportunities” says Goggin, “we have a vision for bringing a great new technology to the market, and we are showing it is possible to build and retain a top class workforce here in the Province.” Goggin, with an MBA from the University of New Brunswick, partnered with fellow UNB graduate and engineer Rishin Behl to launch the company.

Resson Aerospace delivers customized precision agriculture solutions for large corporate clients. Using recent advances in large-scale cloud-based data processing, swarm robotics and advanced data analytics, Resson's data-driven agriculture solution analyzes crop metrics to assess crop status and health, providing operators with the information required to optimize agricultural operations, improve efficiency, boost yields and maximize profitability.

“The Seed Loan and support from Ignite Fredericton provided us with the resources to build and test prototypes, and really allowed us to get out in the market and travel to get in front of customers” says Goggin. “Along with local accelerator programs like Planet Hatch and Launch 36, Ignite provided mentorship and access to the local business community through social events. Without that early support and access, it would have been much more difficult, and taken much longer for us to get the progress that we did with customers.”

In November the company announced it had raised $3.025 million in venture capital funding led by Rho Canada Ventures and Build Ventures. Other investors include BDC Capital, New Brunswick Innovation Foundation and private investors.

“With the venture capital funding, we can accelerate our technology and hire the key staff, and deliver a product with global market potential. The cool thing” says Goggin, “is this is happening from right here in Atlantic Canada, here in Fredericton.”

About Resson Aerospace

Resson Aerospace is a bioinformatics and data analytics company that uses large-scale cloud-based data processing, drones and swarm robotics, and advanced data analytics to help major agricultural companies create efficiencies to maximize production and profits.  Find out more at