Caleb Curtis

Silverwood Stone

Caleb Curtis, Owner - Silverwood Stone

Caleb Curtis has always been driven by new ideas. Specifically, elegant design that solves real problems with real products. His product development background has included mechanical engineering internships with DEKA Research and Development (Seguay Scooter Company) and Google's Advanced Projects Group (Streetview Product, among others). Caleb currently has several patents pending on industry-first pre-cast products and manufacturing methods.

Caleb launched Silverwood Stone in 2011. The business meets a substantial demand for quality and usability in the masonry industry.  Operations center around developing high-end, innovative precast concrete products and the necessary manufacturing methods used to make them. Silverwood Stone products combine industry-leading authenticity, with a user-friendly installation method.   Silverwood Stone's product lines pivot about a suite of simple, innovative, and rapidly expanding manufacturing capabilities. Over three years, the business has grown from a backyard to a 5000 square-foot production facility.

Development of a patent pending, siding product over the Winter of 2013 resulted in a distribution deal through Brunswick Valley Lumber.  This deal represents a huge expansion of current production capabilities for 2014 with a significant growth factor for 2015. Over the last three years, Silverwood Stone has developed a manufacturing platform and competitive product line that will soon allow supply of designed-and-made-in-New-Brunswick products across North America.

Silverwood Stone maintains a rapid pace of development that requires timely access to advice, contacts and financing. Iginite has provided paths to all of these elements at critical junctures in the rapid growth of the company.