Peter McMath

Timbre Cases

Peter McMath, President & Founder
Timbre Cases

Peter McMath embodies the idea that an entrepreneurial mind simply can’t be employed – at least not for long. That’s not to say the twenty-something founder of Timbre Cases, based out of Fredericton, didn’t enjoy or appreciate the time he spent in music retail leading up to his new venture; in fact, it gave him essential experience and insight into a rather unique market.

Meeting many professional musicians with stories on the road, McMath experienced the real life problems of travelling with guitars and other instruments, along with the frequent horror stories of damaged guitars often associated with poor quality cases and lack of humidification control. This experience inspired the vision for Timbre Cases to become a leader in premium musical instrument cases.

With the help from the team at Ignite Fredericton, Timbre Cases has been able to grow its vision and company. Along with the much needed mentorship and network to execute this venture.