Adam Clawson

Red Rover Brewing Company

Adam Clawson, Owner
Red Rover Brewing Company

Adam Clawson enjoys creating new and exciting products. With a background in multiple engineering fields, he came to New Brunswick from Yorkshire in 2007 to design prosthetic hands, most recently as the lead mechanical engineer in the UNB Hand Project. After falling in love with New Brunswick’s positive energy and attitude for life, he has made the leap from academia to cider production with his partner, Nicola Mason. Due to a lack of craft ciders in New Brunswick, they started out making ciders for themselves, which quickly grew to producing cider for friends. They’ve since taken it upon themselves to rectify the gap in the market.

Red Rover Brewing Company was formed with the intention to create quality craft cider from New Brunswick apples. From initial concept almost three years ago, through setup and operation, Ignite Fredericton has provided advice, experience, and contacts to take the worry out of creating their own company and allowing the team at Red Rover the time to innovate. As the first commercial cidery in the province, little was known about this sector. The first two years were spent conducting taste tests and market research, which lead to a successful launch in the Spring of 2014. Red Rover Ciders are now on tap at bars and restaurants across NB, with new locations added weekly.

Along with the cidery, a commercial store and flagon fillup location has been established. "The Ciderhouse" provides customers with the opportunity to see the operation up close and sample up and coming products prior to launch. As a Cider Master, Adam is hoping to push New Brunswick’s cider education. Red Rover has started off crafting clear, carbonated ciders and is hoping to introduce still, cloudier ciders in the future. From the apples in their cider to the bar made from New Brunswick wood in The Ciderhouse, Red Rover believes in all things local.  With a joint background in biology and engineering, the team behind Red Rover creates new and unique products unlike anything else on the market.