Tavis Marr

Marr's Sweet Syrup


When you embark on a new business, you expect to be busy as a bee… but what if your work requires you to literally team up with bees to get your product?

“We produce raw honey, the natural way,” says Tavis Marr, president and co-owner of Marr’s Sweet Syrup. “We also do lip balm, body balm, and a new, natural soap made with honey and oatmeal.”

Surrounded by his thousands of bee employers, we spoke to Marr on how he has grown his business from a small startup into the thriving hive it is today. He and his brother started their journey in September, 2015, when they found a need for natural and raw honey. It seems that locals agreed with this movement away from additives in their sweetener, as Marr’s Sweet Syrup took off “like wildfire”. Certainly, there was a benefit in being located in Fredericton.

“The Maritimes are so small, we’re still very agricultural,” explains Marr. “Farmers in the region are great for us because it’s sort of a trade-off. We have bees that pollinate fields for them for free, and in turn, we get the nectar.”

In order to help expand upon his local success, Marr participated in the first cohort of Export Igniter. “[Export Igniter] actually went really well for us. We made a lot of connections, even new distribution channels. We’ve got friends in Boston, Cambridge, Toronto, Montréal, that [would have taken] years trying to get without the program.” Enjoy this sweet, sweet video on Marr’s journey to success!

For more information on Marr’s Sweet Syrup, visit their site here.