Jeff Alpaugh

Jeff Alpaugh Custom

Jeff Alpaugh, Owner and Founder

Who says business attire has to be bland and boring? This local fashionista is changing the way modern society views traditional work attire and is suggesting we start dressing a little more dangerously. From fiery fuschias to bold blues Jeff Alpaugh, Owner and Founder of Jeff Alpaugh Custom along with Co-Owner Emilee Boychuk, is bringing his own flair to the clothing industry with the “world’s most dangerous dress shirts.”

With names like deadly, dangerous and extra crisp there’s a reason these customizable, tailored-to-fit dress shirts are flying off the rack. “Whatever people dream up we allow them to do and that way they’ve created the shirt themselves,” says Jeff Alpaugh as he speaks about the creative process.

Most recently, Jeff and his team of designers graced the national stage as they walked onto the Canadian TV series Dragons' Den. After pitching to 5 dragons, Jeff Alpaugh Custom walked away with $100,000 in capital investment and a guaranteed order of $50,000. In celebration and anticipation of the episode premiere, Fredericton locals filled the King Street Ale House on November 9th to hear the verdict. “In Fredericton we have very few degrees of separation. The culture is to help out the things that are starting here and the things that are homegrown here, and that is a massive advantage times a million” says Alpaugh.

Amidst pints of Picaroons flowing and crowds of business folks cheering we were able to catch up with Jeff Alpaugh himself to congratulate him on his success. “Ignite [Fredericton] is so much more than people who can help you financially. They helped us to really make our business plan into a living, breathing document. The other thing they do is provide networking opportunities - with those types of things it’s hard to quantify them, they’re not always incredibly tangible but they wouldn’t exist without Ignite. They’re [Ignite Fredericton] massively helpful when you’re trying to start a business.” Jeff Alpaugh Custom currently sells to 8 countries outside of Canada with over 1,700 dress shirts sold to date. Pretty dangerous, huh?

Believe it or not, Jeff once considered himself to be a “poor dresser” that knew nothing about style, let alone suits. From Moore’s to Harry Rosen, Jeff worked his way up the fashion ladder and created a name for himself as being an epic salesman and a suit educator. The problem? He wanted to find his own style and traditional suits just weren’t cutting it - enter Jeff Alpaugh Custom.

For more information on Jeff Alpaugh Custom, visit their site here.