Licenses, Permits and Taxes

All businesses must be registered with the either the Province of New Brunswick or the Federal government. Most businesses in New Brunswick are incorporated through registration with the Province of New Brunswick under the Business Corporations Act.

Registering your business

Follow these four (4) steps to register your business as a corporation in New Brunswick:

  • Choose a business name. You will be required to conduct a name search to ensure the business name is not already in use. You can hire companies to conduct an Atlantic-based NUANS search and provide you with a report to submit with your incorporation documents.
  • Choose a business structure.
  • Register with Service New Brunswick's Corporate Registry
  • Register with the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) 

Zoning, Permits and Plans

An important step, often overlooked when starting a business, is to check with the municipalities on zoning bylaws and permitted uses in your location.  You will also be required to apply for certain permits and licenses - see below. 

  • Bylaws: As part of the business planning process, you will need to review the city's zoning bylaws to determine permitted uses in your location. 
  • Municipal Plans: The City of Fredericton, with its partners, has recently updated its municipal plan including plans for the downtown and northside business district. 
  • Permits & Licenses: BizPal is an easy tool to determine the required business permits and licenses.