Nuclear Lab in Fredericton

September 25, 2017

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From Huddle:

National Nuclear Lab Will Set Up Cybersecurity Centre in Fredericton

FREDERICTON – Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) will establish a cybersecurity research facility at Knowledge Park in Fredericton, CNL’s President and CEO announced Monday.

“Cybersecurity of industrial control systems is a growing concern across all industries, and particularly in the nuclear industry, where it represents a multi-billion dollar worldwide market,” said Mark Lesinski in a release.

“CNL has clear expertise in this area, which we intend to grow and commercialize over the next decade. Establishing this research facility in such a major cybersecurity hub makes good business sense, allowing us to better leverage our expertise in collaboration with other industry leaders.”

CNL says that, while there is a large commercial industry catering to the cybersecurity of business and information technology systems, the cybersecurity of industrial control systems has been widely overlooked.

The organization says it’s well positioned to fill this void and to expand its capabilities into more conventional industries. CNL says it’s expanding its cybersecurity team when purpose-built facilities at Knowledge Park are ready in 2018.

CNL is partnering with UNB, including the Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity(CIC) and the Faculties of Engineering and Computer Science.

“This really is an example where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” said Lesinski, citing the leadership and vision shown through the CyberNBstrategy. “Working alongside other cluster members will allow us to identify more collaboration
opportunities with government, industry, and academia, which will help us increase our market penetration. In the end, this move is expected to lead to significant, exponential growth in our cybersecurity business.”

Deputy Premier Stephen Horsman said this makes the province an even stronger leader in cybersecurity.

“Our ecosystem continues to grow and with the establishment of a new cybersecurity research facility in New Brunswick at the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, it further demonstrates our leadership in cybersecurity in Canada,” he said.